Internal Vs External Motivation

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Such a well known word but the meaning is way deeper than what we want to believe.

You see, yeah, motivation is what drives people to do what they do…BUT!

Is it the right kind of motivation?

There are two kind of motivation:

  1. External Motivation: Is the motivation that is created by something external, some external factor, other people’s opinion, society’s rules, social conditioning.
  2. Internal Motivation: Is when you are motivated by some force that comes from within yourself. A purpose in life, a deep goal, a strong why!

Let me share with you a story to make this concept more digestible.

This is the story about the Lion and the Gazelle:

Every morning in Africa the gazelle wakes up and it has to run faster than the fastest lion or it’s going to die.

Every morning in Africa the lion wakes up and it has to run faster than the fastest gazelle or it’s going to starve to death, along with the little lion babies.

The cool thing about this story is that the gazelle will stop running when it doesn’t see the lion in its eyesight anymore. In other words the gazelle is only motivated by the lion…something external if you will.

Whereas the lion will never stop chasing the gazelle, cause it is motivated by something within itself, a deep love about family. If it does not kill the gazelle both the lion and its little babies will die.

So I want you to think! What do you choose?

You want a life that you will be motivated by external things…or a life that you will have a strong purpose and nothing will be able to stop you from going out there and conquer every single goal!

You want to be the gazelle… or the lion? You decide!


I am sure, we both can agree that internal motivation is what is needed in order to get to the next level. Cause when you have something greater than yourself that motivates you and pushes you every single day then whatever happens you can always make it happen.

And yeah! you are wondering how can you make this happen?

Well… you need to find a ”why ”

Which means you need to know why you do what you do, why you want to accomplish what you are dreaming off, why you are doing the job you do, why you are together with the partner you are.

In other words, are you just reactive to what life brings you- are you doing this for the wrong reasons- or maybe you are proactive and you have a crystal clear idea of the reason behind your every single idea and action?


Life is short to not going towards your dreams in life!

Be the lion! Find your Why! Be internally motivated! And Conquer Your Life!

Check out this video explaining this concept in better detail!


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