How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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First of all this book is NOT about manipulating and mind-controlling people!
There are no secret tricks or crazy woo woo shit !

This book is all about learning how to interact with the others around you in order to build better friendships/relationships and learn how to better convey your messages to other people ! Of course the principles of the book can have a huge impact into business, entrepreneurship and branding/marketing as well…


It’s one of the ‘’classics’’ and must-reads for every one of us!

I should mention that this is the book that THE Warren Buffett said that ”changed his life” and a book with over 16 million copies sold…and yeap it is really good !!!!









Now let’s see the biggest lessons I took from reading it :

#1 Remember the name of the person you are talking with !

Our name is our favorite word !! When someone refers to us with our first name, there is a feeling of familiarity created that can be vital for both interpersonal and professional relationships.


#2 Being genuinely interested on what other people are talking about!

Unfortunately when we are in a conversation with someone, we are not listening of what he wants to share with us, BUT we think of what we want to say when he stops talking.
One of the strongest virtues an individual can possess is the one of a good listener. Don’t interrupt. Encourage others to talk about themselves.



#3 Talk about the other person’s interests!

People are not interested in you…There are not interested in me…
They are interested in themselves





#4 Compliment other people and encourage, support and praise all their improvement!

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated …Remember thought to compliment the other person sincerely and honestly!


#5 Show respect for other opinions …

Don’t criticize or condemn what someone is saying and …never ever say ‘’you are wrong’’.
Now, If you really have to call attention to peoples fault, do it indirectly !





It’s about 250 pages but really easy to read, with practical examples for better understanding and with understandable structure.

Do I recommend it ?
Hell to the yeaah !

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