Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday

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This book is basically separated into 3 chapters:
-Ego when you aspire to do something…
-Ego when you succeed …
-Ego when you fail…
Good content, relatively small (~200 pages) and easy to read.

Favorite quotes :


”often we fall in love with an image of what success looks like”
”we don’t like thinking that someone is better than us. Or that we have a lot left to learn”
”you can’t learn..if you think you always know”
”when you are not practicing, remember, someone, somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win”
”to do…not to be”





”learn from everyone ans everything”

”instead of pretending that we are living a great story, we must remain focused on the execution-and on executing with excellence”
”we are never happy with what we have, we want what other’s have”
”why do you do, what you do?”



”almost always, your road to victory goes through a place called failure. In order to taste success again, we’ve got to understand what led to this moment of difficulty,what went wrong and why”
”this moment is not your life. But it is a moment in your life. how will you use it”
”Duris dura franguntur = Hard things are broken by hard things. The bigger the ego the harder the fall”
”ego kills what we love. sometimes, it comes close to killing us too”
”he who will do anything to avoid failure will almost certainly do something worthy of failure”